Specialized Flatbed

WHETHER IT'S IN A BOX, ON A PALLET OR ON WHEELS, WAGGONERS WILL GET IT WHERE YOU NEED IT TO GO. There are some trucking companies who won't take your freight without a full load or, if they do, charge you a premium price for it. At Waggoners, we not only haul small loads-we have an entire specialized flatbed division that caters to less-than-load clients as well as truck load clients.

Our specialized flatbed division has developed dedicated, scheduled routes across the U.S. and Western Canada to move your load from one point to another quickly and easily. You decide when it leaves, and you'll know when it will arrive. And our hot shot and overnight services take the service we can provide you to a whole new level-one that other companies just can't provide.

Thanks to our established network, Waggoners is able to provide our customers the kind of service other trucking companies only dream about. You tell us how big the load is, how soon it needs to be picked up, and when it needs to be at its destination. We take it from there...literally. We even have a service that allows some loads to be delivered overnight.

International Transport

Waggoners Trucking has been delivering loads between the U.S. and Canada for decades, so we know the many intricacies involved with international transport. Our specialized flatbed drivers are properly bonded to enter and exit the U.S. and handle all of the necessary cross-border paperwork. We also have secure, bonded storage areas at our terminals in which your shipment can remain pending customs clearance. From there, Waggoners will then deliver the load to its final destination.

Hazardous Shipments

Our most experienced drivers operate an advanced fleet of tractor-trailer units designed to accommodate hazardous loads, including explosives. They are certified in the loading, care and transport of hazardous shipments and are specially trained to handle all of the related permitting and documentation.
Bill of Lading
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